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Dog DayCare Center | Dog Grooming Salon

All Yuppy Puppy spa prices are subject to +HST.

All prices approximate and my very due to condition costs, matting, aggressive | extreme behavior. Final price deter mined by manager.

Extra handling fee of $ 20 for difficult dogs.

Dog grooming in Markham
Dog DayCare | Curriculm
Dog Grooming in Markham

Groom Menu

  • 2Wash Shampoo-Conditioning Price Starting From $40 up +HST

    1 hr 30 min

    40 Canadian dollars
  • Full Grooming | Non Hairing Price Starting From $55 up +HST

    2 hr 30 min

    55 Canadian dollars
  • Full Grooming | HairStyle Long or Trim Price Starting From $70 up +HST

    3 hr 30 min

    70 Canadian dollars
Salon & Spa Price
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