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Grooming Course



Dog Grooming Course Full or Part-Time

Where to get your pet stylish clip or all-around great Grooming that makes your Dogs comfortable and attractive.


  • Please come on in our Dog Grooming Salon 

  • The Best Pet Grooming Salons in Markham Community


Pet Grooming Program provides a strong foundation of the essential Techniques, Methods and Gentle grooming behaviours that will protect the pet being Groomed & Establish a more relaxed grooming experience comprehensive. 



  • The intent of our Hand-On Dog Grooming Course is to provide you, the beginner with a guide to help you ~ OPEN THE YOUR WINDOW~ to our Pet Grooming Business.  


Each trainee taking Full Course will receive one to four Trainee Hand-On instruction during their 192-Hour Program. After the five weeks of lessons, you should possess the basic knowledge and experience need to be confident in the Dog Grooming Profession. Pet Grooming Metropolis is a fully functional Dog Grooming Salon.


Grooming Program 

We have a very kind clientele who allow our trainee to practice with their family pets.


This will give our trainee First-Hand knowledge of what a commercial Grooming Business.


Also, all trainees will receive all course Lessons and Special commands in each video to take Home. You will learn a lot of information and dog grooming techniques while Join our Pet Grooming Metropolis.

Here are the 13 Stage that every graduate trainee to completes

  • Tools Kit 

  • Control Scissor Use, Clipper Use and Maintenance 

  • Canine Anatomy

  • How to Not to be cut 

  • Hand-On Externship

  • Nail Trimming 

  • Exam

  • How to Maintain the dog with De-Matting techniques. (Special Tools)

  • Dilute Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Ear Care

  • Bathing & Drying

  • Hair Cut

  • Final Exam and Graduate

  • Graduate Certificate

Includes 47- Piece Grooming kit



  • Our trainee will receive all 47-pieces grooming toolkit. The grooming toolkit contains a professional kit

EG: Rechargeable Clipper, Electric Clipper, Blade, Attachment Comb Set, Scissors, Brushes, Combs, Grooming Table, Book and more !!!


This equipment is essential for our trainee can be used for when you start your New Career.


Grooming Program 

Affordable Fee ------ Let Investment in Your Future

Fee ranges starting from $3800 CAD depending on the payment options qualify for Credit Card and Cash. Please contact us directly at 905-508-1070 or 647-886-6312 to discuss the payment fit you need. One of our trainees purchased the Grooming Fee, it becomes to our Pet Grooming Metropolis trainee is will be Non-Refundable. Or a trainee is qualified for a full refund if they cancel within 3 days of signing the agreement to begin Our Curriculum.


All prices for the Professional Pet Grooming Metropolis certificate curriculum are printed herein. There are no additional costs or supplies necessary for curriculum completion. A trainee who needs additional or wishes to a male their own projects for practice can purchase additional supplies or took kit from our Salons Pet Grooming Metropolis.


Payment Schedule 

The trainee has to pay a $600 deposit at the registration of the class and the balance has to be paid off one week before of lessons.

Growth to Love the Animal Industry

The Pet Grooming and Boarding industry in Canada, which provides Pet Care Services, such as Boarding, Grooming, and Training, exhibited strong growth over the six years to 2019. Demand for Pet Grooming, Boarding, Trainee and Dogs Walking is at an all-time high due to rising pet ownership, improved disposable income and changing consumer preferences regarding pet care. Over the six years to 2019, revenue is anticipated to grow at an annualized rate of 4.3% to total $ 548 Million Dollars, with an increase of 1.7% in 2019 alone. Pet parents have been purchasing a greater range of High-Value services for their pets, contributing to industry revenue growth. Furthermore, industry operators have expanded their services to capture additional revenue. Other services and merchandise. The Canadian Pet Industry is worth around $ 7 Billion including food, supplies and services.

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